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Driven to collaborate and communicate

WrkSpot came from our CEO, CTO & Founder's belief that work is a happier, healthier, and much more productive place if people in all parts of the organization can easily collaborate and communicate.

As he was building the foundation of the WrkSpot platform, friends and business associates petitioned Raja to address labor problems for the hotel industry. Managing a hotel involves endless critical details, communication snafus, and the hard work of communicating across all the teams that have to work together to make a property hum. Owners and managers get pulled into the details instead of being able to focus on creating a great guest experience and driving revenue. Freeing people to do the 'right' work by solving for staff turnover, communication, scheduling against a budget, and the myriad other challenges, was a perfect fit, and so WrkSpot was born.

Raja | WrkSpot Leadership

Raja Epsilon

CEO & Founder

Innovative engineering & business leader with deep experience in workforce solutions, security & platforms. Raja has driven dramatic growth at both start-ups and established organization.

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Chris May

Head of Sales

Chris is a 10-year travel industry professional with a strong background in Customer Success and Business Development.

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Chris May | WrkSpot Leadership

Arlette Reyes Headshot


Arlette Reyes

Head of Customer Success

Arlette brings nearly 25 years of customer success experience in the hospitality industry, ranging from Walt Disney World Resort to digital endeavors Booking.com and Avvio.


Brent McMahan


With over 15 years of experience in sales, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. In a bold move, he started his career by starting his own company. As co-founder, he also held multiple positions, all focused on sales and marketing. 

Steve Carran


Prior to joining WrSpot, Steve was the Director of Sales at Stayflexi, a Y Combinator-backed Property Management System (PMS). Steve got his start in hospitality technology at Stayntouch where he spent three and a half years. There he grew a passion for not only hotels, but also technology that helps them become better. Steve initially cut his teeth in the industry by selling in the hospitality space with SmartBrief, now Future PLC.

Board of Directors

Ashok | WrkSpot Board of Directors

Ashok Patel

VP, Jamsan Hotel Management

Ashok is an enterprise hotelier working across 60+ properties, and growing. He is also a WrkSpot partner and strategic investor.

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Dr. Jaykumar Shah

Hospitality Entrepreneur

Dr. Shah is an accomplished physician and entrepreneur. He brings enterprise-level guidance to WrkSpot, honed by his experience across multiple verticals.

Dr. Jaykumar Shah

Markham | WrkSpot Board of Directors

Markham L Goldstein

CEO/President, Entertainment Partners

Markham (Mark) has been with EP since 2002. Entertainment Partners is the entertainment industry leader in Production Finance and Production Management.

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Advisory Board

Steve | WrkSpot Advisory Board

Steve Wadsworth

Partner, W3 Capital

Steve is an experienced technology CEO, board member, & enterprise SaaS investor. He is the former Chairman & CEO of Tapjoy and former president of Disney's Interactive Media Group (DIMG).

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Bipin Morari

Hospitality Entrepreneur

An experienced hotelier, business leader, and investor, Bipin has a broad network across all aspects of the hospitality industry.

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David | WrkSpot Advisory Board

David Bowman

EVP, NewGen Advisory; Board Member & Past President, CLIA

David is a seasoned hospitality executive with 20+ years of experience. Former CPA with involvement in numerous technology-based ventures.

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