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What drives us

WrkSpot came from our CEO, CTO & Founder's belief that work is a happier, healthier, and much more productive place if people in all parts of the organization can easily collaborate and communicate. As he was building the foundation of the WrkSpot platform, friends and business associates petitioned Raja to address labor problems for the hotel industry. Managing a hotel involves endless critical details, communication snafus, and the hard work of communicating across all the teams that have to work together to make a property hum. Owners and managers get pulled into the details instead of being able to focus on creating a great guest experience and driving revenue. Freeing people to do the 'right' work by solving for staff turnover, communication, scheduling against a budget, and the myriad other challenges, was a perfect fit, and so WrkSpot was born.

Why 'Wrkspot'?

Anyone in the hotel industry will tell you that everything needs to happen quickly. On the spot, as it were. Thus the name: Because WrkSpot enables you to communicate and collaborate across hotel operations, no matter where you are, you can do your work 'on the spot'.

Who we are

WrkSpot is built and supported by a cross-functional team of people with different backgrounds and areas of expertise, all working together to make sure you can work together too.


Raja Epsilon WrkSpot CEO CTO Founder

Raja Epsilon

CEO, CTO & Founder

Innovative engineering & business leader with deep experience in workforce solutions, security & platforms. Raja has driven dramatic growth at both start-ups and established organization.

Steve Cook WrkSpot COO

Steve Cook


Expert in bringing complex products to market, Steve has held key leadership roles for both QuickBooks and TurboTax at Intuit.

Joan Varrone_10x8 headshot3_Jan 2022

Joan Varrone


Strategic & operationally focused CFO with 20+ years in the technology sector. Joan has led IPO and venture equity funding rounds totaling in excess of $250M.

Liz Polk Lynch WrkSpot Director of Marketing

Liz Polk Lynch

Director, Marketing

Experienced digital and marketing executive with extensive SaaS experience including driving revenue for Intuit and Autodesk.

Chris May WrkSpot Customer Success Manager

Chris May

Head of Sales & Customer Success

10-year travel industry professional with a strong background in Customer Success and Business Development.


Ashok Patel

VP, Development, Jamsan Hotel Management

Enterprise hotelier working across 60+ properties, and growing. Strategic investor & WrkSpot partner.

Dr. Jaykumar Shah

Hospitality Entrepreneur

Accomplished physician, entrepreneur, & investor.

Mark Goldstein

CEO & President, Entertainment Partners

Deep expertise scaling vertical software & services, M&A, and financial management.


Steve Wadsworth

Partner, W3 Capital; Chairman & former CEO, Tapjoy

Experienced Technology CEO, board member & enterprise SaaS investor

David Bowman

EVP, NewGen Advisory; Board Member & Past President, CLIA

Seasoned hospitality executive with 20+ years of experience. Former CPA with involvement in numerous technology-based ventures.

Bipin Morari

Hospitality Entrepreneur

Experienced hotelier and investor with a broad network in hospitality.

Where the jobs are

We're a dispersed team, collaborating across India, Europe, and the US, and we'd love to add your location to our map. If we are currently hiring, you'll find job description links below. If we don't have open roles, we're still interested in learning more about you. We're growing, and you could be exactly who we need next. So please send us your resume or CV if you want to stay in touch. We'll save it--we promise.

WrkSpot Coimbatore Engineering team marathon
WrkSpot Coimbatore Engineering