The Holistic Approach To Run Your Hotel Operations

Hotels rely on people. On the employees who maintain them and the guests who stay at them. This industry is one that is contingent on the happiness and satisfaction of those who are a part of it. In a manner of trust, workers and guests depend on executives and leaders to ensure proper treatment, accountability, and safety and vice versa, executives and leaders need their employees to be reliable and cooperative.

But what if I told you that hoteliers were losing $30 billion dollars annually from worker’s compensation insurance fraud? Or that ADA Compliance / OSHA compliance lawsuits are costing hoteliers hundreds of thousands of dollars each?

One can argue as much as they want the fault of one side or the other, but the reality is, it’s a systematic issue that, unless resolved, will continue to harm both sides in a vicious cycle of injuries and lawsuits.

And that’s where we come in as a Hotel Management Software. WrkSpot is a holistic, end-to-end, comprehensive hotel management platform designed to minimize problems and maximize effectiveness.

Our systems have a deep focus on compliance, making sure that the working environment is as safe as possible to prevent unexpected accidents before they occur. With the help of artificial intelligence, I.o.T., blockchain, and advanced analytic support, our software is one-of-a-kind, and the first to be all-inclusive.

WrkSpot utilizes three unique pillars that are meant to help you in the most effective way possible. We refer to these pillars as: WrkShield, WrkEngage and WrkOperate. In other words, hotel compliance, employee involvement, and staff management. WrkSpot has the ability to transform your hotel into a smart hotel that is best suited to aid your staff and your guests.

Today especially, there is nothing more important than safety. The hotel industry is now, more than ever, reeling under the pressure of tremendous challenges – COVID 19, human trafficking, sexual harassment, cybersecurity issues and innumerable lawsuits that deal with worker health and safety.

Wrkspot is here to set a new standard in the hotel industry. We aim to shift the focus from numbers and technology to people. As hotel industry regulations undergo more and more changes to protect staff and guests, it is often difficult to keep up with them. We recognise that it is a huge undertaking for operators to constantly stay current and compliant, which is why WrkSpot’s priority is to make it as easy and fast as possible to do so.

With WrkSpot’s advanced alert engine, WrkShield, we protect you from policy and regulation infringements before they even have a chance to happen. WrkShield covers more than 30 of the most common compliance regulations, including meal break, rest break, and overtime, along with many preventative workflows and best practices, and is constantly being updated to assess and ensure hotels are in-line with the latest compliance laws.

WrkShield also includes easy-to-use digital features, like document management with electronic signatures, AI-enabled smart scan, and a sophisticated, multilingual training platform.

And that is just one part of the WrkSpot system. There is so much more we can offer, and so much more we can do to prevent your hotel from being a part of that $30 billion.

So let us partner together and transform the landscape of the hospitality industry, one prevented accident, one safer employee, one happier guest, one better hotel at a time.

ADA Compliance

Like OSHA, ADA compliance is of the utmost importance for hotels. Keeping up to date on the latest ADA regulations and laws can protect hotels from wasting thousands of dollars on lawsuits and fines. In addition, it serves to help maintain a healthy, reputable, and profitable working environment.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics found that in 2018, over 25.5 million Americans reported having travel-limiting disabilities. And according to a study done by the Open Doors Association in 2015, travellers with disabilities spend upwards of 17.3 billion dollars over the course of a single year. Furthermore, they claim that the number value is closer to double if one includes guardians or other non-disabled travellers who accompany them.

With such a huge amount of money being invested into this market, and travellers expecting to receive proper treatment that is compliant with ADA guidelines, there is a tremendous opportunity for not only personal profit, but the chance to offer disabled travellers better quality service and support to keep them coming back.

There is a common misconception that ADA compliance is cost-inefficient due to the extra utilities and services that are required to accommodate disabled travellers and the seemingly few people who are able to take advantage of them. However, studies have shown that it is not because there aren’t travellers with disabilities, as proven by the numbers mentioned previously, but rather a result of hotels not addressing and promoting said accommodations properly.

The disability travel market is perhaps the hospitality industry most overlooked and untapped market. Far too few hotels and lodging facilities manage to either maintain proper ADA compliance standards or properly market them. Multiple polls done by the Open Doors Association and the Travel Industry Association of America indicate that disabled travellers are willing to spend far more than usual if they know amenities are able to cater to their needs.

Hotels that are proud to be ADA compliant, that actively promote it as part of their brand and duty to guests, and take measures to maintain the standards set forth will find themselves at a tremendous advantage. Especially now, where guest safety and security is at an all time high, there is no better time to establish oneself as a hotel brand with a reputation of putting people first.

And with WrkSpot’s innovative compliance software, we make it as easy as possible to do so. Consistently updated with information on the latest ADA standards, WrkSpot will be the only tool you need to ensure your hotels are fully compliant and ready to accommodate.

It’s time to transform the landscape of the hospitality industry into one that caters to everyone. The future is now, the future is WrkSpot.