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Hiren Bhakta


Hiren Bhakta is a seasoned executive with a unique blend of expertise in science, hospitality management, and strategic leadership. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and a Master’s in Hospitality Management from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona,
Hiren brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set to WrkSpot’s Board of Advisors.

With over a decade of experience as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Premier Hotel Management, Hiren has demonstrated his exceptional ability to drive operational excellence and deliver exceptional results. His strategic vision and keen insights have played a pivotal role in elevating the hospitality industry, setting benchmarks for customer service, and optimizing business processes.

Hiren’s passion for innovation and his commitment to excellence align perfectly with WrkSpot’s mission to redefine the future of workspace solutions. As a member of the board of advisors, he will leverage his extensive experience in both the scientific and hospitality fields to guide WrkSpot towards new horizons and ensure that the company continues to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of hotel businesses.

Hiren’s dedication to excellence, combined with his ability to bridge the worlds of science and hospitality, makes him a valuable addition to the Wrkspot team. His insights and guidance will be instrumental in shaping the future of flexible workspace solutions and driving WRKSPOT’s growth and success.