People. Processes. Possibilities.

Whether you’re in charge of one hotel or many, WrkSpot offers a new way to manage your workforce, your operations, your security, and your complete portfolio of properties. 



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Workforce management for the full employee lifecycle

A complete toolkit to keep employees engaged, so you can get the most from your team.


Onboarding and training

Streamline hiring and give new staff hires the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. 

Scheduling and attendance

Create schedules and track attendance while minimizing overtime and unnecessary costs. 




Empowerment and engagement

Connect and train staff and engage employees with quizzes, videos and live chat.

Operational insight and control

Get the awareness, analytics, and control you need to manage your hotel operations in a unified way.


Rooms, requests, and readiness

Know in real time what rooms are ready, what requests have been filled, and communicate as situations change.

Assign and allocate

Create and modify schedules, assign tasks for maintenance and housekeeping teams, and make the best use of your team. 



Monitor and analyze

Track employee progress in real time and keep your eye on the big picture through intuitive dashboards.

Connect and communicate

Enable one-on-one and team-wide voice and chat communications in the platform.


Visibility and control across all
your properties

Dig into your data and know what’s happening when it matters so you can make better decisions.



Monitor Activity

Get real-time visibility into staffings, tasks, and performance at your properties without having to be on-site.

Top-level controls

Set standards across all your properties for maintenance, cleaning, and basic HR policies.




Build and manage your budget

Get easy access to past and current numbers and build out schedules against current budgets.

Safeguard your people and secure your properties

Keep your team safe and streamline compliance without the need for a separate solution. 



Comprehensive panic solutions

Enable employees to notify the whole team about emergencies in seconds and ensure compliance with new regulations. 

Smart Property

Track employees on-site to drive accountability and improve security. 





Access control

Set permissions and share access based on role and responsibilities.



The WrkSpot employee mobile app

Give your employees the ability to clock in and out, see and manage work assignments, and communicate on the job from their own mobile devices.

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