Saurav Saha

Head of R&D and Innovation


Saurav began his career at the Nomura Research Institute as a software engineer in the Technology department. His affinity for research and technology in this field led him to complete his Master’s degree in Computer Science & Robotics at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. 

Saurav’s technology passions are AI, Robotics and IoT. He has won several national and state-level robotics competitions, and has published a paper on autonomous robotics.

Since joining WrkSpot as an R&D engineer more than three years ago, Saurav has consistently demonstrated his talent for translating complex, cutting-edge technologies into capabilities that are approachable and easy for users to adopt. He is responsible for the prototyping and development of many of WrkSpot’s critical features including Smart Hotel, indoor localization & navigation, blockchain-based workers’ comp, e-signature workflow, housekeeping allocation AI, document scanning, panic systems, and inspection image analysis.