Steve Carran

Sales Director


Prior to joining WrSpot, Steve was the Director of Sales at Stayflexi, a Y Combinator-backed Property Management System (PMS). Steve got his start in hospitality technology at Stayntouch where he spent three and a half years. There he grew a passion for not only hotels, but also technology that helps them become better. Steve initially cut his teeth in the industry by selling in the hospitality space with SmartBrief, now Future PLC.

In addition to his role at WrkSpot, Steve is the co-host of The Modern Hotelier podcast. In each episode, David Millili and Steve get to know hospitality executives, personalities, and influencers to talk about the latest trends.

Steve also currently sits on the board for the Southern Colorado Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International (HSMAI) chapter in Colorado Springs. There he focuses on helping grow business for hotels around Colorado and networking with other hospitality professionals.

Steve grew up in Wisconsin and attended Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee. He graduated with a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Communication. Outside of class, Steve hit the court as a member of the tennis team, playing both singles and doubles.


A few words from Steve:

What excites you about the work you do at WrkSpot?

I am excited that WrkSpot keeps hoteliers safe and helps them be more profitable. Being able to see where your hoteliers are in real time and being able to point them to the safest exit from the app is . In today's age, we need to make sure we keep our hoteliers safe no matter what situation arises. WrkSpot makes it easy for hoteliers to manage their time cards and for management to keep track of payroll and budgeting either on a desktop or through the app. Those two things combined with the operations side makes WrkSpot a one of a kind product, reducing the integrations needed and costs for hotels.